Teak Garden Furniture Care

Teak is a durable hardwood which is perfect for outdoor furniture due to its rot-resistance and hard-wearing nature. You should always buy good quality teak that’s been manufactured using traditional mortise and tenon joints. This is because lower quality teak will not hold up as well over time. Brand-new teak furniture will arrive with a glossy, honey-coloured finish due to its abundance of natural oils. This finish will fade over time, becoming a silvery-grey colour as it is exposed to the elements.

How can I restore teak to its original colour?

You can prolong the golden colour of teak by cleaning it regularly and using a Teak Protector. Cleaning teak furniture is easy with warm, soapy water (a little washing-up liquid works well) and a sponge or cloth. If you don’t want to have to scrub the furniture, our Lindsey Teak Cleaner will make the process much easier. You can then apply a Teak Protector to the clean, dry wood, which protects the teak from any further effects of weathering.

How else can I protect teak furniture?

You can use teak furniture outdoors in spring and summer only to help keep it a golden colour all year round. Weathered teak can start to show cracks or roughening of the grain, known as end-grain checking. These splits will not affect the durability of the wood. If you want to keep teak outdoors all year round, use a furniture cover to protect the wood. Make sure this cover is breathable and good quality as humidity can collect underneath some covers and cause mould, bowing or cracks. If your furniture sustains cracks or scratches over time, you can remove these easily with a light sanding.

For more information on teak garden furniture care, visit our FAQ pages or call our helpful, knowledgeable sales team who will be happy to assist you.