Customer Reviews
“I bought a teak protector as a water-based alternative to teak oil to protect and enhance the lovely 4ft Gladstone bench which was purchased as a memorial. We found it easy to apply by cloth (supplied)  as it is thin. A small brush was used in places where a cloth cannot reach. Just follow the instructions, you can’t go wrong.

The product enhances the natural colour of the wood and helps to preserve it without making it look artificial or feel sticky. Two coats were applied, followed by a third coat a few months later, then two further coats after the winter months.

It is now getting on for two years since the first coat was done and the colour of the wood is pretty well unchanged. There is no sign of mould or greyness nor any unwanted buildup of the product. There is enough left for one more coat and I have already bought a replacement tin.

We are very pleased with this product. We’ve noticed that benches treated with teak oil develop dark streaks under the surface, possibly fungal, but there is none of this with teak protector.

Thank you.”

D. P.


“Put two coats of this on my new teak bench. Looks lovely. Only used about a quarter of a bottle so lots left over for the next few years. A word of caution though – ensure that you wear disposable gloves as it takes an age to clean off your hands otherwise. I can highly recommend this product.”

C. R.


“Very easy to apply as compared to teak oil which masks rather than enhances the appearance of the wood. I will continue to use this product only.”

N. S.


“This is so easy to apply and it looks great after as well, loved the colour. The steamer chair is fairly new so we want to keep it that way. Love the idea that it is water-based and not toxic. Fabulous!”

J. J.